National Awards

The Tony Facciolo Ambassador's Award for Concierge Rising Star is presented in memory of late Sydney concierge and founding member of Les Clefs d'Or Australia Cav. Tony Facciolo. This highly regarded award is presented each year to a concierge that is not yet a member of Les Clefs d'Or, however are highly regarded within our industry.

    In 2007 Les Clefs d’Or Victoria was delighted to announce a new award for service excellence, named after the late Alfred Jasinski. Alfred was the co-founder of Les Clefs d’Or Australia, along with the late Tony Facciolo and Tony James, who has now retired. ​While Tony Facciolo was perhaps the more public face of Les Clefs d’Or, particularly in the early days, Alfred is widely recognised as being the foundation upon which the organisation was built, and contributed years of service during his time at the Hilton and Regent Hotels in Sydney, and well into his subsequent retirement. The award is intended to reflect Alfred’s commitment to his role, and encourage Concierge, Doormen, and Porters who have demonstrated a similar exceptional commitment to service.

  • 2019 Winners

    - Ian Frenkel

    - April Balbarais

  • 2018 Winners

    - Riki Browne

    - Nicholas Sommerville

  • 2017 Winners

    - Martin Bray

    - Nelu Terzeu

  • 2016 Winners

    - Lance Birkett

    - Preston Forsyth

  • 2015 Winners

    - Eugene Chang

    - Phil Clucas