Les Clefs d’Or Australia has several categories of membership within the association.

  • Active Members
  • Retired Members
  • Honorary Members
  • Affiliates
    • Social Affiliates
    • Business Affiliates
    • Professional Affiliates

Membership – Aims of Les Clefs d’Or

– To promote Australian tourism

– To promote goodwill and friendship between all concierges​

– To promote the advancement of professional skills​

– To provide help and guidance to members in order to improve and maintain the quality of service provided by concierge staff in their hotels​​

– To help develop concierges into efficient leaders and administrators who are able to maximise productivity and inter-departmental co-operation​

– To promote the continuity of concierge service, irrespective of the locality, name or banner under which the concierge works​​

– To promote the worth of the concierge by providing the highest level of service​

– To promote the importance of hotels employing experienced, knowledgeable and well connected people to dispense information to guests​


Every hotel markets and sells itself in competition to other hotels in such a way as to maximise its business viability. Les Clefs d’Or bases itself on the assumption that with our inter-hotel, interstate and international co-operation, we are helping the tourist, business and hospitality industry as a whole. We would like to see Australia become a destination for as many travellers as possible and have a valuable role to play in achieving this goal.