The concierge provides information, advice, guidance and assistance to hotel guests in all manner of things, including hotel services, entertainment, recreation facilities, restaurants, luggage, transport, sightseeing etc. The concierge also leads a team, which may include assistant concierges, porters, commissioners and valet parking attendants.

The strategic position the concierge and his or her team occupies within the hotel is very important as the responsibility of being both the first and last point of contact for each guest falls on this department. As such it is important the concierge fosters a team which is able to work together to provide the maximum level of service possible. The importance of the concierge being able to form, train and nurture a strong team cannot be underestimated, as is developing strong inter-departmental relationships within the hotel.

Developing a positive working relationship with service suppliers to the hotel is also important for the concierge, as guests often rely upon people external to the hotel to have their needs met.

It is paramount that the concierge be able to develop a rapport with guests to be able to understand their individual requirements in order to best serve them.

In all his or her activities, the concierge must observe the aspects of legality, morality and honesty, that is, be a person of unquestionable integrity.

Providing accurate information is very important, information should be organised in a logical way so as to be accessible to as many departmental members as possible.  In addition to the information the concierge has on file, he or she should possess high levels of general knowledge.

The essence of being a concierge is to serve and at the same time to be an ambassador for the hotel and the profession of concierge.