Les Clefs d’Or Australia is a friendly Society of hotel Concierge. Our aim as an organisation is to promote tourism throughout Australia.  We also endeavour to provide a network for our members in which they can exchange ideas, provide mutual assistance and foster the development of future Concierge professionals.

Established in 1981, the national chapter of the Society currently has 58 members represented in every state of Australia. We are an affiliate of the Union Internationale des Concierges d’Hotels “Les Clefs d’Or” (UICH) based in Paris and our worldwide membership is over 4000 members.

The distinctive gold crossed keys worn by Les Clefs d’Or members are recognised by travellers around the world and identify the bearer as a true professional in their chosen career.

Each and every member of the Les Clefs d’Or strives to provide the utmost in caring, attentive service to their hotel guests, and our Society motto ‘In Service through Friendship’ reflects the manner in which this is achieved.